Friday, January 25, 2013

Shanel Cooper - Sykes : Stilettos In The Kitchen (Book Review)

   If you have been a fan of my blog for the last two years you have probably seen me mention Shanel Cooper Sykes, she is a life coach, motivational speaker, and a author. Today (or should I say tonight ) I’m going to give you guys a little short review of her book Stilettos In The Kitchen. 

   Personally I think this book is something every female should have in their collection. Shanel gives so much good advice in this book. She starts the book of talking about self- love which I don’t think enough females practice. She talks about cleaning your home and your life. The book covers the Law of Attraction and how to get what you want out of life. There is hygiene and makeup tips. There is a whole section on cooking and a little mini cookbook. One thing everyone in the world wants to know is “How do I make more money” guess what, she gives tips on money too. And for all the ladies trying to get a man and want to know what man are really thinking, it’s in the book too.
There was only one thing wrong with the book. I ordered it December 2011, and got it December 2012. Shanel did a video (which you can find below) talking about her bad costumer service, and why it took so long to get the books out. There are tons a ladies out there bashing her and calling her a fraud, because they lost money. I’ve never lost money and I wasn’t tripping about the book being late, I only paid $20, and she does free stuff all time. I could never call this lady a fraud because she changed my life and my soap (Dr Bronners lol).

   It was  the summer of 2011 and I was super depressed and hated life and one day I was on and I came across one of her videos and I was like who is this lady, so I googled her and found her Youtube page and my life has had a major changed ever since. I love this lady. Everyone knows how I call Beyonce my big sister, Shanel is my other big sister. Shanel is the one I go to when I need to get my life. If you are scared to order the book because you don’t know how long its going to take to get it you can buy the ebook. It comes to your email instantly. It comes in PDF form so if you don’t have an ereader you could print out yourself. If you have never heard of Shanel, I hope you check her out and she changes your life like she did mine.

BTW she keeps it real in her videos, so some of y’all might get offended lol.


Anonymous said...

"I ordered it December 2011, and got it December 2012. "

With everything that Shanel teaches you, if you feel this is acceptable, you are not listening to her.

It took her 1 year...12 MONTHS to get your book to you and she only did it because of the 'tons of women that were bashing her'. Is that valuing you? Is that respecting your money? I'm confused as to why you think this is ok.

Kindle have a whole load of free books you can download, when you purchase something from them would you wait a year to get it?

Did you order Woman Habits too? You don't have that book yet do you.

I have a big sister hun and she'd NEVER treat me like that.

I'd recommend studying the SOURCE of all of the information Shanel regurgitates. Be your OWN guru and take the time to find out for yourself.

Shanel is not what she seems and I'd hate for you to feel the things she is saying are not true just because she is not the person you may think she is.

Great blog! Wish you the best!

Ashley Trustar said...

It was only $20, I would give that to a random person on the street. If you dislike her so much why are you looking for stuff about her, just to bash. Why would you want to bring that negative energy back to you. Instead of being anti-Shanel be pro-you.

Anonymous said...

Well I see you read The Secret! Great start. Reach out to some role models and mentors in your real life. Didnt mean to sound negative, I just read your post and something told me to reach out. Wish you happiness and success!